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Community guidelines

Community guidelines

Guerrero Projects provides a valuable opportunity for artists and creators to share the results of their hard work. To maintain our community and ensure its growth and success it is vital that you adhere to the following guidelines. A failure to do so could result in your profile being disabled.

1. Only share artwork that you have created.

If your art is based on someone else’s concept please make sure you credit them as the original designer.

2. Be considerate of the diversity of Guerrero Projects users.

Don’t post content that is inflammatory or offensive.

3. Use the mature content tick box when appropriate

If you post content that contains nudity or could be considered sensitive please ensure you select the Features mature content option when you upload your art.

4. Be constructive with all your feedback

Guerrero Projects is used by professional and students artists and provides an opportunity to support and help one another in artistic endeavours.